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Modern resort in Šumava

The Boletice military training area was for many years a part of Šumava that was forbidden to ordinary civilian visitors. Access was only allowed by permit and to selected military recreationists.

State enterprise Military Forests and Estates, s.p., which falls under the Ministry of Defence, has dynamically modernised the former military recreation centre here in recent years and transformed it into a resort offering a range of quality services, accommodation standards and, most importantly, many diverse opportunities to spend active holidays both in summer and winter.

Olšina Resort is open all year round

All year round you will find a variety of attractions, entertainment and sporting opportunities at Resort Olšina.

You can come to the resort as individual visitors, groups or companies. You will always choose the accommodation and services that suit your needs. The Olšina Resort is the ideal place for teambuilding events, corporate training or congresses.

You can also use our Voucher, and give a stay at the Olšina Resort or refreshments in the Olšina Restaurant as a gift. You decide the price of the Voucher, which is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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Šumava nature

A wonderful area between Lipno, Český Krumlov and Prachatice on the border of Šumava National Park - this is the Olšina Resort. A place in the heart of the virgin Šumava nature.

Thanks to the long-term closure of the Šumava military training area Boletice, Olšina and its surroundings have become a unique natural area with a number of important habitats. The Olšina pond is located in the peripheral part of the Boletice European Important Bird Area, which is home to more than 150 species of birds, dozens of which are listed as particularly endangered.

The Olšina plateau is an ideal place to relax in pure nature at the 600-year-old Olšina pond, which is the highest breeding pond in the Czech Republic and, at over 140 hectares, the largest pond in Šumava.

The picturesque basin below Špičák is a source of extremely valuable natural wealth and is home to a number of rare and exceptional animal and plant species.

In the Olšina Resort you can become part of this unique nature.

Benefits of the Olšina Resort

The Olšina Resort can benefit from the business activities of VLS.

Šumava nature

Strategic location

From Resort Olšina it is close to the countryside, Lipno, Český Krumlov and Austria.
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Šumava nature

Fish from own production

In exceptionally clean natural conditions, in the highest situated breeding pond in Bohemia, we produce valuable and tasty fish.

Šumava nature

Various types of accommodation

We offer accommodation in a hotel, in a villa, in wooden and brick cottages or in a hostel. Everyone can choose according to their preferences.
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Šumava nature

Venison and beef from local farming

We supply our restaurant with quality venison from local forests and beef that we process in our own butchery


Modern resort in Šumava

Resort Olšina is located in close proximity to the Boletice Military Retreat, which has been partially opened to the public for recreational activities in the recent past, spread over 20 thousand hectares between Český Krumlov, Volary and Horní Plana on the border of Šumava and Novohradské hory, near the recreational area of the Lipno Dam.

The first settlement of this area dates back to the 5th century BC, when the Razimberk settlement was founded. The forests and fields were first owned by the Rožmberks, then acquired by the Schwarzenbergs, who gradually developed sophisticated forestry management here in response to the needs of the surrounding industry.

In May 1928, Antonín Švehla's cabinet established the Military Forest Enterprises in response to the need to provide economic management of military training grounds. The Schwarzenbergs' forest estates were gradually reduced by the first land reform after World War I. After World War II, all family property, including that on which the military training grounds were established, was seized by the state in 1947, thanks to the issuance of the special law „Lex Schwarzenberg”.

The modern story of the military forests in Šumava began after World War II, when the Boletice military retreat was established on the territory after the displaced German population. The Military Forests and Estates took over the area on 20 December 1952 by decision of the Ministry of Defence. The structure of the VLS remained virtually unchanged until 1989.

Since 1993, when the federation was divided, the state enterprise Military Forests and Estates of the Czech Republic has been gradually reducing the number of VLS and limiting their area, or allowing the use of some areas for recreational purpose.

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