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For companies

Personalised approach and facilities you will appreciate.

At Resort Olšina we prefer to treat our clients individually.

Everyone is different, but our long experience in organizing mass events for clients guarantees that we always take good care of our visitors and fulfill, if technically possible, all their wishes.

If you are looking for a suitable environment for teambuilding or a corporate event, the Olšina Resort, with its professional services and the beautiful Sumava countryside in the surroundings, is the right choice.

Just let us know your ideas and we will take care of everything else.

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For schools and camps

Outdoor schools and summer camps for children have a long tradition in our resort.

Resort Olšina is very accessible by transport and has several types of accommodation, a common room and all-day dining.

Directly in the resort there is a playground with swings, slides, sandpit and other interactive elements. For older children, volleyball, netball, tennis and beach volleyball courses are available. The Olšina resort also has its own sandy beach, water sports equipment rental and bicycle rental.

The biggest local attraction is the Olšina Nature Trail, which starts immediately at the resort. The route, which maps the local nature, is 7,322 metres long. Along the way, you'll find a variety of fun and adventurous features - from a child-sized birdhouse, to a giant nest, to an island that can only be accessed by a rumble raft. Along the way on the Nature Trail, you'll also learn interesting information about local nature and history.

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Forest Pedagogy

The motto of forest pedagogy is: „Learn about the forest in the forest”.

Forest pedagogy is one of the variants of environmental education. It introduces forest visitors to the forest ecosystem, sustainable forest management, the purpose of forest management and the benefits that forests bring to people. Its basic principle is perceiving nature with all the senses.

The experiential forest exploration is aimed at primary and secondary school students, but adults can also participate.

The programmes are led by experienced educators who have completed a certified course in forest pedagogy.

The aim of the forest pedagogy programmes is to deepen interest in nature, forest and wood as a renewable resource, or to clarify the role of foresters and hunters in sustainable forest management.

The programmes are adapted to different age categories.

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